I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about “what ifs.” What if there were no such thing as planes? What if the power goes out forever? What if zombies? What if something happened to Matt and John? What if the power goes out for a week? What if I get in an accident?

I always wonder if I would be tough and resilient and organized or if I would crumple.

Two years ago, I did get bad news and I guess in retrospect, I didn’t crumple. I tried to be — continue to try to be — brave. I take each piece of news as it comes. I do the best I can for my body and my mind. Lots of people told me at that time that I had grace and courage. In my mind, it’s not about being graceful (a word I would not use to describe myself). It’s more about getting down to business. It’s making a commitment to taking every possible step in the right direction, and deliberately deciding not to let the bad overpower the good in your life.

Whatever you want to call it — grace or strength or courage — I know one thing to be true. Whatever I’ve got, I got it from my mom.

2 thoughts on “Courage.

  1. I feel very grateful (and I do like that word) to have known three generations of Bayless women. Your mom and grandmom have given you many wonderful traits that help you just do what you have to do to make a good life. This latest health challenge is a tough one—but your mom will make it through with the love and support of a special husband,big family and lots of friends. Has she told you about our motto, screw cancer, eat cake? That makes us laugh a little, scream a little and keep on.

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