Notes on the Puppy


1. He looks like a muppet, and when sleeping, he is as floppy as a muppet.

2. Having someone around who is excited to see you even after a 30-second absence is really sweet.

3. It’s true that puppy teeth are very sharp.

4. A sleeping puppy makes me feel the way a sleeping baby used to make me feel: full of wonder, with a slight undercurrent of “oh my god, please don’t wake up.”

5. I think if he could purr, he would.

6. Boy puppies apparently pee like it’s more of a hobby than a task you’d want to complete. A little here, a little there. Saving a little for when they get back inside.

7. Puppy breath and puppy paws.

8. My cat is more than capable of handling himself with a seven-pound muppet.

9. Strangers talk to puppies! The stranger-chat in the past two weeks is unprecedented for Vermont.

10. Equal parts: “What were we thinking?” and “How did we ever do without him?”

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