Cats and Dogs

photo (35) Speaking of the puppy, which I almost always am: you know who didn’t ask for a dog? Michael the cat.

Michael supervises plumbers and handymen when they come to the house, even when they’re hammering or drilling. He sits on the lap of anyone who comes in the door. During parties he can usually be found stretched out in the middle of things, showing off his very impressive belly. In cat terms, he’s dog-like. But he’s not a dog, and he doesn’t know dogs.

Michael was here first and has seniority. For a little while, he will have the size advantage over the puppy. We’re all hoping that he takes advantage of this period to put the newcomer in his place. We’d hate to gain a dog but lose a cat.

I have this idea that a year from now, they might be one of those crazy odd-couple animals, sharing a bed in front of a fire. Maybe that’s a long shot, but I hope we’ll at least all be in one room.

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