Lazy Day.

This weekend we visited friends Karen and Jud at Lake George, and it was like a love letter from summer. I know that we’re halfway through July already, but for some reason this felt like the first really lazy summer day.

Obviously there are good and bad things about working full time, but one of the downsides is that there’s not really a change to the schedule or the rhythm of the day when summer comes. The weather is better and John and I play outside more, of course. But even though the days are longer, he still goes to bed at 7:30, so the long twilight doesn’t change things all that much. Weekends are still packed with a variety of things that need to get done one way or the other. And even our time on Martha’s Vineyard, which I love, was  very busy this year — lots of activity packed into a few days.

Our night and day at Lake George represented a delightful slowdown. The short visit included the following:

  • S’mores
  • Swimming
  • An evening boat ride
  • Beer
  • A full moon
  • A sunny, almost cloudless day
  • Enough heat to make the lake water feel terrific
  • Coffee cake
  • Good friends
  • A crossword puzzle, not quite complete
  • Plenty of time with nothing to do but sit on a rock by a lake

Sometimes the best days are the ones where there is absolutely nothing going on, and close proximity to a beautiful body of water doesn’t hurt. I’ll remember this when we head to the beach in South Carolina later in the summer. Note to self: plan nothing.

And p.s. Thanks Barletts and Englers!

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