Presto Pesto!

Since I wrote about trying something new that went horribly wrong, I feel like it’s fair to make note of something that actually worked: garlic scape pesto.

My friend Pam made some of this and brought it over a few weeks ago: delicious. If we hadn’t had company I might very well have licked the bowl. The pesto was fresher and tangy-er than typical basil pesto, with a nice little bite to it. Very refreshing and a little addictive.

Garlic scapes, I have just learned, are the the parts of garlic plants that grow above the ground, and you’re supposed to cut them off to encourage the bulb to grow. In addition to being tasty, they’re sort of lovely. Nice bright green and sweetly curled. I spotted some in our co-op this week and there was actually a recipe for pesto with the scapes, so I decided to give it a try.

Naturally, I didn’t write down or photograph the recipe, but it seemed simple enough: olive oil, garlic scapes, parmesan, walnuts, a little lemon juice. Blender. Any way you work the proportions, that seems like a winning combination. I tried it last night and ate it spread on crusty bread with a salad. If I do say so myself: yum. What a perfect summer dinner. (And no heat!)

Afterward, I did a search online and found out that (unsurprisingly) I’m not the first one to rave about this. There are lots of variations on garlic scape pesto out there, and surely all terrific.

The truly diligent homemaker would get tons of scapes and freeze pesto for the winter, I suppose. We’ll see if I can actually pull that off.

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