A Quick Break.


This morning, I could not take any more.

Michael was knocking bottles off the counter. Tom was non-stop ringing the bell to go out and/or running around with our boots in his mouth. John was having the kind of morning where he needed to be speaking at all times. Everyone wanted something, and not just for a minute. For ALL the minutes.

Reader, I was done with it. This has been a brutally cold and busy winter, and I’m snowbound and house crazy. My attitude was probably not that good to begin with. Add a morning like this one, and I was at the end of an already noticeably short rope.

The clouds suddenly cleared when John went to a playdate (THANK YOU, JEN), Matt went to Burlington, and Tom went to sleep. My cell phone is completely out of power, and I don’t have a charger. At the moment, nobody can need anything from me.

Am I drinking a beer and watching trashy TV at 1:00 on a Sunday? Yes, I am. Don’t judge.

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