Anything I Can Do?


In the past 18 months, I’ve been lucky enough to have loads of people offering to help me. With health stuff, and now job stuff, everyone seems willing to lend a hand.

You know what’s hard? Accepting the help.

My typical response to “Is there anything I can do?” is “Thank you so much, but I’m all set.” I generally feel like people are only offering to be nice, and I don’t want to put them out. And accepting help can feel like an admission that your house is not in order. Like you’re not getting things done like you should.

Know what’s even harder? Asking for it from people who haven’t offered. Take all of the above and multiply it by a factor of incredibly painful.

Even with a good attitude firmly in place, losing a job is a serious blow to the ego. Especially in a small town where word travels at lightening speed. (Case in point: a guy who works at the bakery – a total stranger to me – mentioned my downsized-ness to Matt within 36 hours of its occurrence.) Having to ask for help is yet another big chance to swallow your pride. It needs to be done — employment takes a village — but it’s tough.

The pleasant surprise is that every single person I’ve asked for help has willingly and graciously given it. Above and beyond my expectations. A good reminder for me to go beyond what’s asked the next time anyone needs help from me. I will be glad when it’s my turn.

One thought on “Anything I Can Do?

  1. Have courage, hard with your hand of cards, and this time of year, I know. May your silver lining turn up soon. Most people really will give you an assist if you are willing to accept.

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