Christmas Reading.

christmas books

We are in full holiday swing right now, with baking and carols and choosing exactly the right place on the tree for every single ornament. I know people get weary of all that needs to be done in December, but I really love it.

Christmas books are some of the best ones to read out loud, and I plan on continuing to read them that way until John’s about 40. Here are some of our favorites:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Obviously. I like reading all the Seuss, but I think this book does an especially good job at capturing the Christmas in a secular yet surprisingly spiritual way.

The Night Before Christmas. There are some words that need a little explanation (Mama’s kerchief, for example) but it’s a classic. John read it to me this year for the first time.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas. Scratch and sniff Christmas! Matt and I both grew up with this book. To say “it brings back memories” doesn’t come close to capturing the overwhelming nostalgia I feel for it.

Christmas Treasury. I like it because it has the words to lots of carols, and the fact that I can’t sing doesn’t stop me from trying. From John, “That lady sure must have a lot of partridges.”

Bear Stays Up for Christmas. I just love that Bear.

Santa’s Christmas Ride. This is a rhyming book with actual presents hidden inside – a card, a little book, a small puzzle, etc. John is as excited to see the presents now as he was years ago when we first read the book. And we’ve read it a lot.

Happy holidays and merry, merry! Hope you enjoy these.

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