It’s getting dark pretty early now. Like everyone else, I’ve started numerous conversations like this in the past two weeks: “Wow, it’s really getting dark out there.” For some reason it seems both obvious and worthy of comment.

Winter in New England can be very dark indeed, but I find it comforting that the shortest days don’t necessarily match up with the coldest days. If the shortest day of the year was in late January or any time in February, there wouldn’t be enough chocolate in the world to cheer me up about it. But November and December are festive, and there’s a hint of holiday in the air when the dusk, which is lovely, creeps in early.

One thought on “Dusk.

  1. It is the time of year when the warmth of summer begs to come inside and fill the house with delightful aromas of homemade soup and good things baking in the oven. The color and drama of autumn are new and the chilly air seems crisp and clean. I do like fall!

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