Six Months.


Today marks six months since I found out that I have MS.

I’ve had lots of doctors appointments and a surprising number of different diagnoses. I’ve touched my nose and hopped on one foot for four different neurologists, had dye put in my eyes twice, been in an MRI machine for a total of about three hours, and had my blood pressure taken roughly 30 times. I’ve taken enough vitamin D to equal a summer in Arizona. I can even navigate the underground parking lot at the hospital in Burlington with no more than one extra down level before I find the way up.

Friends (and occasional strangers) ask me all the time how I’m feeling, and I feel really good. I don’t have any pain or numbness or tingling. I’m terrific, body and mind. (As an added bonus, “How are you feeling?” is often followed by, “You look great!” It’s because people aren’t sure what to expect and then just want to say something nice, but heck, I’ll take it.)

I wish I could report that I haven’t had any physical changes at all, but that wouldn’t be quite true. It’s hard to explain what feels different, but basically my legs feel weird and my walk (doctors call it my gait) is sometimes different. Some days more than others. I’m getting ready to start seeing a physical therapist to help make sure that having a weak foot doesn’t lead to any other issues.

It’s strange to have a physical issue that can’t be fixed. Normally, you go to doctors and physical therapists to correct a problem. In this case, it’s just about slowing an ongoing process. That seems a little medieval or something, doesn’t it? Do we not have modern medicine? Anyway, it’s important to me to be open about it. It’s easier for me when people who know me know what’s going on and won’t be surprised when whatever happens next, happens.

And I can honestly say that the last six months have been very good ones. As depressing as all this could be, it just isn’t. I feel incredibly supported by and close to my friends and my family. I’m more aware than ever of the things that are important to me and I’m concentrating putting my attention and energy into those things. I have MS, but I’m happy, and happy, at the end of the day, is what matters most.

5 thoughts on “Six Months.

  1. So glad you’re feeling happy, Katie! I’m so lucky to call you my friend, and I’ll always care how you’re doing and feeling.

    Will miss you these next few weeks, but let’s promise to have some fun when I’m back. Are you around the first week in July?


    • Thanks! Have a great trip – can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. We’re around!

  2. Hello Katie j. you sound a lot like me judging by this post. I was diagnosed with secondary progressive relapse remitting MS in April 2012. I am a west Michigan white boy and have been for 44 years now. I am not very computer savvy but have been diligently researching MS since my diagnosis and I must say your blog is fantastic. I love the picture thing. you are now in my favorites and I look forward to checking out the site thank you.

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