I Do. We did.

Jimmy Smooth

Observations on a wedding, 14 years ago today.

>> Matt and I had a big wedding in a church. Very traditional in almost every respect. My guess is that if we were getting married today, we’d probably tone it way, way down. But it was a good party, and I wouldn’t change it.

>> The reason it was a good party has nothing to do with me. It has to do with a man named James Smoot, or as he’s more commonly known: Jimi Smooth. (See above.) He was the bandleader. The first time I talked to him, he said “Katie, you leave the fun to me.” Which I did. He’s so good that he’s handled the fun for a couple of other friends’ weddings since.

>> I think we were married before weddings became quite as sophisticated as they are now. Or maybe I was just an unsophisticated bride. I bought Martha Stewart magazines, but it was before “The Knot” and custom wedding websites. I didn’t really have a color scheme. I painted my own fingernails.  Amazingly, I’m married anyway.

>> Our wedding is probably the last big event that Matt and I have actual, non-digital photographs of. We have picture albums. And VHS tapes. If I wasn’t already aware that I am an old middle-aged person, this would be a good clue.  Speaking of age, I was almost 27 and Matt was 28. I thought we were old. I realize now that we were tiny babies.

>> Nerves! I wasn’t nervous to get married, but I was nervous to walk down an aisle in front of people. But once I got into the church it was fine. My shoes weren’t too slippery, and I didn’t really notice all the people, I just noticed all my friends. It’s fun to have all your friends in one place at one time, and a wedding is really one of your only chances for that.

Good times.

Of course, a wedding is not just about a wedding, it’s about beginning a marriage. I’m not sure anybody really knows what they’re getting into when they start a life together. I couldn’t have imagined where Matt and I would end up (Vermont?) or how lucky we would be (John) or how much we would be facing together. So far, it’s working out just fine. Happy Anniversary, Matt!


2 thoughts on “I Do. We did.

    • That’s why we needed to get married so young. Needed to lock in these photos before he lost it.

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