This and That.

Eye thing.

Just a few observations from the past week.

>> I went to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. It took two and a half hours! Also, at one point the exam room background music was Night on Bald Mountain, which seemed a little grim. But everything is fine.

>> Turnips are a great substitute for potatoes in stew. I tried a recipe this week (stew with turnips and carrots) that didn’t require me to brown anything and still turned out ok. Great news.

>> Sadly, when it comes to being dairy and sugar free, there is no adequate substitute for chocolate. At least not that I’ve found so far. I’m interested in trying this.

>> John asked about 10,000 questions while watching E.T. for the first time, ranging from “Why does beer make you feel funny?” to “Why does Elliot sleep on the top bunk?” He didn’t ask this one: “How do those bikes fly?” Because E.T. is clearly using the force. Duh!

>> My favorite two-year-old came over to have lunch with me on Thursday. I’m not going back to diaper-land, but I couldn’t resist picking her up and kissing her sweet, pre-haircut head. I miss picking John up.

>> I had a situation at work this week where working from home was difficult. This doesn’t happen often, and I admit it even less often, but yesterday it would have been easier to go into someone’s office and park myself there until I got a clear answer. Can’t do that from here.

>> My mom is making a last minute trip to Vermont next week. One of my first thoughts was about what I could ask her to make me for dinner. You’re never too old for your mom’s cooking.

>> I’m still not able to concentrate well enough to finish a book, but I’m perfectly capable of wasting a ridiculous amount of time on  House porn. My favorite.

>> It’s been snowing often this week. Not a lot, but often. I have nothing good to say about that. My brain knows that it’s not spring yet. My heart thinks this is *&@#ing ridiculous.

>> Middlebury College basketball play-off game tomorrow! For a non-sports fan like me, it’s becoming difficult to watch. Too much emotion, too much pressure. Too many nervous friends who are the parents of players. Good luck, Midd.

Happy Ides of March, y’all.

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