Every since I started writing about big things in this blog, I feel sort of funny writing about little things. If you’ve come here to read about neurological crisis, do you really want to read about what aggravates me on a Thursday evening? Let’s hope so, because this blog post is Unimportant.

> I got a new blender! Today’s smoothie: peach and blueberry. I’m trying to work up to making one that has vegetables in it, but I don’t really like vegetables that much, and I’m skeptical of claims that pineapple will hide the taste. Plus, I’m not sure if I can get past those dark green colors. We’ll see.

> I was in Pittsburgh for work this week. I’m lucky – I like all the people I work with. On the other hand, there was a seven hour meeting on Wednesday. I felt like I’d gotten hit with a bat by the end of the day. Bravely – so bravely – I did not eat the abundant doughnuts to keep my energy up. Three cheers for me.

> During this meeting we did that thing where you have to figure out how to use cotton balls, tissue paper, etc. to keep an egg from breaking when you drop it out the window. My team was the only one to break the egg! Dammit! I was more bothered than I probably should have been. Sneaky competitive streak strikes again.

> John had his 100th day of school this week and I forgot to work with him to find 100 of something to bring to school. I realized this while I was in Pittsburgh and, again, felt like I’d gotten hit with a bat. This time in the stomach. So guilty! Such a bad mommy. Matt reports that John was unphased and made a chain of 100 paper clips at school. John’s more laid back than me.

> I just read Bossypants. How did it take me so long? Thank you, Tina Fey, for giving me a reason to giggle like a maniac in the Philadelphia airport. That place isn’t usually very funny.

> I tried to save ten minutes by taking a cab instead of my usual shuttle home from the airport last night, and that was a flawed plan. We had to stop for gas and then my driver drove straight down the middle of the road all the way home. When cars came from the other direction, he swerved all the way onto the right shoulder. I’m not sure if he understood the rules, and he also had either a hole in the car somewhere or the air conditioning on. I feared for my life but I’m home.

> We’re getting a foot of snow today and you know what I’m thinking about? Sledding, obviously, but also rabbit poop. My porch bunnies are going to have a field day with this clean white canvas.

None of these things matter at all, but all of them add up to regular life, and that in itself is very good news.

2 thoughts on “Unimportant.

    • One team made a parachute out of some tissue paper and one team lowered theirs out the window on a string of rubber bands until it was almost on the ground and then dropped it. Nicely done!

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