Trying Again.

Here are some notes from the weekend.

1. At dinner on Friday night, my friend Nicole said to me: “Katie, next year you should do the three mile version of this Spartan race. I know you can do it. You really can.” I looked right back at her and thought, “Oh my god, I think I CAN really do it. Maybe I WILL do it.” It is obvious that Nicole is a gifted coach because over the course of the evening she had me thinking that I could do this crazy obstacled run, which I obviously should not do because…

2. At this same dinner, while not even walking around, I tipped over a little bit. And this was early, early in the night, too. It wasn’t wine tipping me over. I just was standing by a chair and suddenly stumbling backwards. Luckily, a wall was there so I didn’t fall over and spill much. But honestly, my clumsiness is reaching new heights.  Fortunately my friends were gracious enough to go on with dinner without insisting I get some kind of brain scan first.

3. Herein lies the challenge for me with exercising these days. The spirit is (at least occasionally) willing. The body is (increasingly) not. And that seems like a dangerous, dangerous cycle, doesn’t it? I’m not getting any younger around here. I’ve been experimenting with swimming, which feels great and prevents me from cracking my mouth on a sidewalk. But the colder it gets, the less I feel like taking off my clothes in the dark of the morning and jumping into a cold pool. Maybe I should try a treadmill. Maybe yoga.

Remember back in the spring when I tried to make a habit? That didn’t work, but I think I’ll give it a try again in October. I’m saying it here on purpose, “out loud” at least in digital form, to hold myself accountable. This isn’t exactly a billboard, but it’s something.

2 thoughts on “Trying Again.

  1. I was just talking about this today with a colleague. I broke a 10-year morning workout habit this spring after a foot injury, and haven’t been able to get a start on some sort of new exercise habit. I echoing your ‘out-loud’ statement, so I’m with ya on this journey:-).

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