I’m a Southerner living in Vermont, a mom working as hard as I can, and a clumsy person trying to exercise. I have big ideas but very little free time, highlights and power tools, and a cat who thinks he’s a dog. It’s a complicated world out there. This is what I have to say about it.

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  1. Living life to the full with MS can be hard going but then you only have one life.
    I loved running, cycling, walking up mountains but have now found another way to live. Art is my thing now but I still have my memories of wonderful achievements and last year I went up a small mountain ‘Latrig’ in my power chair.
    If you feel like it I can be found on any search engine as I leave my mark…

  2. Hello there,
    It seems like you have the same outlook on life that I do .. “Live life to the max as you don’t know what’s round the corner”.
    I have had MS for 12 years now, and when I was first diagnosed with it I was a single mum working a part time job, so it was difficult to manage at times. I have always kept a positive attitude towards my MS (never letting it beat me) which I feel helped me.
    I have taken up photography and it’s been a big passion in my life, keeps me going through the hard times with my MS and also gives me a goal and something to look forward to when I am well enough.
    You sound like a lady who has great courage and I am glad that you seem to be staying so positive regarding your MS.

    Don’t ever give up!

    Take care,

    Lorraine 🙂 xx

  3. I like your blog. Very helpful. Diagnosed January 2013 (age 66) with SPMS.

    Good luck with the therapies. I am still sorting mine out.

  4. Newly diagnosed a year ago…Feel i have a good doctor.. do what all i need to do with medication.. and try very hard to keep myself as busy as possible..so to not think of what can or possibly- will be..!!! I do have days though that my mind goes to that dark place–wondering about how things will be for me later on…and ask God to stay by my side..because i truely am scared… but plan to stay on the positive side of everything life is handing my direction..

  5. Dear newbie with ms,
    Good luck with your journey through life with ms. I have had it since I was 19 and I’m 33 now. Just a little advice that will help you through the ups and downs…… Eat healthy, work out, take your medicine, and stay positive ! It sometimes sounds hard for some people to do this, but this is really the best medicine you can do for yourself! It sounds weird saying I was diagnosed 14 years ago, and people sometimes don’t believe me when I tell them I have ms, they don’t see it because I follow my own advice, advice I was once given when i was first diagnosed. Have fun in your busy life and try not to miss out on a lot , and take time for yourself as we’ll ( girls night out every once in a while is a must)!
    Good luck again!
    – Ruthie Palandri

  6. Your blog was amazing. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I was just recently diagnosed myself in oct 2012. My symptoms started with optic neuritis in June 2012. I went to many doctors until I finally got diagnosed in oct. I just turned 30, married, a 4 year old, work full time and tried to live my everyday life while being scared and confused. The one thing that keeps me grounded is the flooding of support and love from my family, friends, co workers and strangers. While I am still scared and have questions I have a new outlook on life. A positive attitude is everything. Good luck to you and your family.

  7. Hello, I am truly inspired by your webpage, I was newly diagnosed June 2013, I was 60-1/2 yr old with a very active life. I had struggled with a
    bad ankle from a car accident for 13 yrs and T2 diabetic so my doctors always said my tingling and weakness in leg was from those issues. when I took 2 really bad falls in Sept 2012 I pushed my dr to let me see a neurologist,,well after seeing 3 I was diagnosed with secondary progressive
    MS…I am still in shock but working everyday and living my life (albeit with a cane) but blessed with great friends. For me I need to stay very
    positive to get going everyday, I wish all on this page good love, good
    health, good laughs and remember good life..Susie J Revere, MA

  8. I am so glad you are blogging about living with MS. My sister has it and its difficult for her to express feelings about it. Wish you were in Seattle ….

    • If this helps in some way – I’m glad for that. It really is hard to put into words sometimes.

  9. Hey Katie! I read your story in the fall MS SoCal Chapter newsletter and wanted to give you a big shout out for staying positive and making the very best of an often difficult situation. My son was diagnosed shortly after his 21st birthday in his junior year of college. His doctors urged him to take a year off from school, move home with us so we could help him transition with meds, etc. He refused, and we all feel like that decision has made a huge difference in how he has handled the disease over the last 10 years. He is now married, runs his own business and is getting ready to start a family! Your attitude and loving support of family and friends will carry you through, as everyone posting in your blog has stated. It’s never easy, but you’ll make it Katie……I know you will. All the best to you and your beautiful family!

  10. I saved your article in MS connections and yes you have it right, everyone who has MS is their own case, none of us is the same, none of us have the same symptoms, its about getting information and learning how to live with it, in spite of all its challenges, they are never greater than our spirit to endure. There is no manual, its all about you and how you can live with it. I find my peace in writing novels, “The Eve Chronicles” is about Eve and when she first moved out to Oregon long before she got MS. I worked 35 yrs in service to people with disabilities and ironically was diagnosed with MS and was forced to retire. But without that path i never would have had the time to find my journals from the eighties and they gave me the idea to write the three books.
    MS is not what defines me, MS is something that I live with, everyday, battling the fatigue, the back pain, the heat intolerance, the fear of the unknown. But it will not defeat me, i am strong and I will keep enjoying every day i get. To love, to see, to feel this wonderful world. My life mate knows my limits and reminds me when i need to lie down and rest and how not to over do.
    I enjoy swimming in a warm pool, getting massages, reading and writing and gardening. My life used to be cluttered with too many to do lists, now i have time to call a friend, and to enjoy a life slowed down because of MS.
    You are on a journey and you are positive, i look forward to following your blog.
    Diane DeVillers Eugene OR

  11. Hi Katie,
    I just read about you in my MS Connection newsletter. Thank you for all you do for us.

    Fifteen years ago, I started a foundatuon to honor my mom who courageously fought MS, raise awareness for MS in the high schools and colleges and award scholarships to those who raise funds for MS research.
    The Mary J. Szczepanski “Never Give Up” MS Scholarship Foundation was created.
    website http://www.msscholarship.org

    Best Wishes to yoiu,

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  12. Hi Katie,
    Just read and enjoyed your column on Choose Wisely in the MS News letter! Diagnosed 13 years ago I thought it would get easier as the time went on but it’s just the opposite! In reading this I realize that it really is all up to me to Choose Wisely and I thank you for that! Be Blessed and thank you!

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