That’s all for now.

the end...


I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog recently, although I haven’t been writing much. I started it four years ago last month, which is hard to believe. I was still in my thirties and John was only four. I had no idea what the next few years would bring. Both good and bad.

Certainly, life goes on and I’m always trying to figure it out. If you’ve read this, you know what’s on my mind much of the time: being a parent, being a friend, doing my job, keeping (reasonably) healthy. But for some reason, I feel like I’m finished writing about it here. I can’t say why, exactly. Partly it’s about time, partly about privacy. Part of me is just tired of talking about myself all the time. I think, for now, I’ve said what I wanted to say. I don’t want this blog just to drift away, so I’ll say goodbye.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support. It has been a pleasure.


6 thoughts on “That’s all for now.

  1. Katie:

    I’ve enjoyed all of your posts over the years. You’re an excellent observer and chronicler of what you see. Job well done.


  2. I have enjoyed your blog posts so much! I first started reading when I was “in limbo.” I was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago now. We are on the same treatment. Your posts have been a source of not only information, but comfort to me. You sharing your story with everyone is brave and beautiful, and I so appreciate all you put into it.

  3. Sounds reasonable. I’ll miss checking in on this blog, mostly because we’re friends but also because you’re a fantastic writer. I hope to see you and your writing again soon. xo

  4. Hi Katie, I started following your blog a few years ago. I think I found you from one of the MS websites. Aside from the MS, I enjoyed reading your blogs because you live in Vermont and I had lived there for a year, but I have since settled in New Hampshire. As for the MS connection, I had also been diagnosed with PPMS. I was having your blog delivered to my email when ever you wrote one. Then suddenly one day there was no delivery, and to tell you the truth, I forgot about you. Lately you’ve been coming to my mind so I went on a search to find you. I googled you and found links to you. The funny thing is I knew it was you by the pictures of John, then everything else fell into place – I recognized the pictures of your house. Now I understand why you stopped writing in your blog, but I am curious about how you are doing. If you feel so inclined, I would love an email back to hear from you especially in regards to the progression of your MS. I do hope you and your family are still faring well-Tammy

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