We’re Going to the Dogs.


I really like dogs. My dog, Neal, was like my fourth sibling when I was a kid. My family is fully comprised of dog people. The best thing that could happen to you, if you were a dog, would be to end up living with my parents, one of my siblings, or my cousins, Gwen and Malcolm. I generally like people who like dogs — my college roommates, my current bosses. My estimation of strangers shoots up if they have well-behaved, well-loved dogs. I’m actually a little suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.

But I’ve never had a dog of my own. Cats, but not dogs. First I was living in New York, and I don’t think dogs want to pee on the sidewalk. Then I was living in Washington and away from home for twelve hours a day. Then we were in Vermont with more time and more room but also with a baby, and one creature to potty train is more than enough. It was never the right time.

Suddenly, in the past few months, it just seems like the right time. John’s old enough. Michael is cool enough. I’m home enough. Matt’s completely on board. I think we can handle it. I think we’ve gone long enough without it. It’s time.

Have I lost my mind? Possibly. But a puppy is coming to our house at the end of November, and that is that. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “We’re Going to the Dogs.

  1. How exciting! We have 4 rescue dogs–a black lab, a chocolate lab mix, a golden retriever/yellow lab mix, and a terrier mix. While having 4 is a lot of work/food/vet bills, even if I leave for 5 minutes, the enthusiastic greeting I get is totally worth it. Can’t wait to read about your new family member.

  2. Hi Katie. Just for the record, you have but two siblings, Peggy and Bayless. Neal was thus your third sibling. Any anthropologist (like Gwen) and some others (like me) will be happy to explain how it is that you cannot be your own sibling…….love, Malcolm

    ps. looking forward to pics of John’s new sibling…..

    • Oh Malcolm. Fine: Neal was the fourth of the Ydel siblings. Smarty. 🙂 Love back to you – please send puppy tips.

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