Jumping Back In.

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Leaving a job is a little bit like a break up. Even when it’s for the best, it stings. Endings are hard and the ends of my last two jobs have certainly been that. In very different ways and for different reasons: difficult.

So when I started looking for a job in January, it was with high hopes but a little trepidation. In order to do my job well, I have to believe in it 100%, and I was worried that it would be tough to get there.

What luck, what serendipity, what good timing that on Monday, I’m going to work for a company that absolutely inspires me. Fastspot is doing wonderful work, for interesting clients, and they seem to have fun doing it. From what I can tell, they’re striking that very elusive balance between smart business and (apologies for the cliche) work/life balance. The people I’ve met so far have been very smart and direct, which I like. It’s a small company, but the real deal. I’m proud that I’ll get to be a part of it.

I knew I’d go back to work. I didn’t know how much I’d be looking forward to it. Here’s to a new beginning.

(Speaking of that, I thought a post about a new beginning deserved a spring image. But don’t be fooled. That’s not my yard. My crocuses are still sleeping under a foot of snow.)

One thought on “Jumping Back In.

  1. Missed this post last week but “Congratulations!” Would love to hear more about it. And, not to rub it in, but my crocuses are blooming – but they are about to be covered in a few new inches of the white stuff. Good thing those fragile little blossoms are hardy!

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