Today I spent the day in Monterey, California. There were seals on the beach, flowers blooming everywhere, water, boats, seagulls, jasmine blooming right outside my hotel room. The sun was shining. It was 60 degrees. It even smells good here.

But the best part may have been the color green. Vermont is the green mountain state, but at this time of year, it’s been a long, hard time since we’ve seen very much of it. Spring is still a long time off. (And I mean the real spring, not the part of the year when I rejoice just because the temperatures reach 50. I mean spring, with leaves on trees and no ice, even in the shadows on the north side of the house.) There’s a drought here and that’s a real concern, but there was still green all around, in every shape and every color.

This trip was just a day, but what a pleasure to spend a day surrounded by the vibrant color of new life – a reminder that sooner or later, it’ll happen for us, too.

6 thoughts on “Green.

  1. Oh my goodness, you were practically in my back yard! I live about 40 minutes or so from Monterey. And I agree — what a place of natural beauty. My partner and I watched several humpback whales cavorting in the water just off the shore, when we did a beach walk there recently. And the sea otters — oh my, the epitamy of cuteness. Hope you caught a glimpse of a few of those, as well. Glad that you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Great place to spend a day, but wish you could have stayed longer. Used to live in that area and loved it! You can’t miss the sea lions – their barking is LOUD. Were you able to see iceplant with its yellow and purple flowers?

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