Walk Steady!


I’ve worked hard this year to live well and strong. Some days are harder than others and I’m far from alone in this effort. There are more than two million people living with MS worldwide. As many as one in 500 people in Vermont have it, which is too many.

This spring, I’m going to do something that I hope will not only help me, but help a lot of people like me – some who are better off, some who are facing even greater challenges. I’m going to participate in an MS Walk in Burlington.

The National MS Society hosts walks like this all over the country, and I think it’s a great chance to show support and raise money to help other people in this community.

Vermont friends, I’ve started a team called Walk Steady, and I’d love for you to join me. The walk is on April 5th in Burlington and it’s three or six miles. Most of you do that at a run before breakfast, so I know you can manage it. I think you’ll be asked to raise a little money, but if you feel uncomfortable doing that, you can just make a small donation to yourself and call it a day. That’s essentially what I did. Sign up here.

Friends from afar, if you’d like to show your support, feel free to donate a few dollars to my team. I’m not usually one to ask for money, but this is obviously a cause very close to my heart. You can give right here.

More information to come as the walk gets closer!

3 thoughts on “Walk Steady!

  1. http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Walk/MAMWalkEvents/1454165207?px=10107931&pg=personal&fr_id=23127

    That is the link to my personal page for the MS Walk tomorrow. I have been perusing the website myself tonight and stumbled upon your blog. This page, I feel, could have been written by me. I feel the same angst about the walk. I have walked up Church Street the past few days, and my foot started to “flop” That is embarrassing. But, I too will put on my strong face and be there tomorrow. I cried reading this page, I am not alone.

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