Not Bad.


One of the biggest changes in my outlook on MS over the past year is that I now understand the pace to be slow. Last winter, I was desperate to see a specialist with no possible delay. This year, I understand that (fortunately) I’m not in an emergency situation. Things will unfold as they unfold, but it’s unlikely that anything surprising is going to happen.

Starting a new drug today was a little bit of a non-event. I went to the hospital, had an IV for an hour, and slept through a good portion of the “observation period” that followed. It’ll be several months before I find out how well these drugs are working, and I’m feeling fine, so I’m not in a big hurry. It’s not like taking aspirin (there are possible side effects that I’m not dwelling on) but it’s just medicine after all.

One thought on “Not Bad.

  1. Hello! I’m a fellow MSer in Manchester Center. I was diagnosed in Sept, 2012. After only about 4 months on Avonex, I had a relapse which affected me in numerous ways. My doc put me on Tysabri. I’ve been on it since March, 2012 with no relapses. I love it! I am an attorney and sometimes taking the time for the treatment is a burden, as we live about two hours from my treatment provider, but the staff is awesome and the drug seems to be working. Crossing my fingers that it works well for you too. I can’t say enough about it so far…

    As an aside, we have close friends in the Middlebury area and I wonder if you path ever crosses with them…they have kids who are active in the community.

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