Worth it.


Three lessons learned from a night out to hear a really good band on Sunday.

Lesson number one, for young people:
This great music started with some guitar lessons or violin lessons somewhere along the way. Maybe lessons that people didn’t feel like going to sometimes. Or maybe that they didn’t feel like practicing for. Keep at it. It’s worth it.

Lesson number two, for in-between people:
Wow. Not everyone just goes out after college and gets an office job because it will be comfortable and pay the bills. Some people basically jump off a cliff instead. The people in this band (one of whom played basketball for Coach Matt Jennings back in the day) are taking a risk and following a passion. I’m not sure where it’ll all end up, but I’m so impressed with what they’re doing right now.

Lesson number three, for old people, like me:
It’s easier to stay home and cook dinner and watch tv on Sunday night, but VERY worth it to get the babysitter, go someplace that you haven’t been before, and see live music or art or something else that’s outside the every day. For me, here’s a good reminder that we should go out of our way more often.

Huge round of applause to Andy Suzuki and the Method. It was great!

2 thoughts on “Worth it.

  1. Mumford and Sons on a Wednesday night… it took 3 days to get over… and I ended up with strep throat… but SO WORTH IT.

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