Midd in the World

Cider Pic

A friend sent me this picture recently, followed by a picture of her drinking the cider in honor of my sweet town. And she lives in Maryland! So it’s not like she was up the road in Burlington where every restaurant is focused on Vermont-made goods.

I always get a little bit of a thrill when I’m out in the wider world and I see something from Middlebury. I’m proud that this is a town of fewer than 10,000 people, but one that’s filled with things worthy of notice far beyond Addison County.

If you don’t already know them, keep an eye out for some of these:

Champlain Valley Creamery. I recommend the Champlain Triple. At every possible opportunity.

Otter Creek Brewing. Yum… beer…

Woodchuck Cider. Not beer, but also delicious.

Beau Ties. If you like a bow tie, these are good ones.

Maple Landmark. The name train is a never-fail baby present.

WhistlePig. Not technically from Middlebury, but close enough. Big favorite at our house.

Middlebury Chocolates. You’re not likely to find them in stores, but you can order online!

Lincoln Peak Vineyard. I’m tickled that there’s now a vineyard right outside of town.

Middlebury friends, what am I forgetting?

5 thoughts on “Midd in the World

  1. I understand your feelings upon seeing that – check out the one right above it! Yay for our small towns!

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