Good Morning.


My resistance to exercise has been well documented here, so I was very proud of myself for getting up at 5:30 this morning to go swimming. Not only was I going to exercise, but I was going to jump into cold water to do it.

Until there was no water in the pool. Damn it!

I went with a plan B — the track — but by the time I got over there I was feeling frustrated and more than a little annoyed. Day not off to a good start.

But on my first turn around the track, the sun came up. I wish I had a camera (and camera skills) that would do it justice. Then, this song came on. And then this one.

Not the morning I expected, but it turned out to be a good one after all.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning.

  1. Good for you! Getting out the door and showing up is 90% of the effort. 🙂 Once you get there, you may as well do it, right? Glad you still stuck with your workout plans, even if you had to make a change!

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