Laughing About It.


I can tell that the people close to me are getting used to the whole MS thing, because they’re starting to make jokes about it.

I mean, I know it’s not funny. This is a serious disease with serious consequences. But what a relief – what a heartening, life-affirming, sweet relief – to have friends who are willing to look past the terrible and just accept that this is a part of my life now and things can still be funny.

It’s kind of a fine line and this is very dark humor. I’ll spare you my version of it here, because it’s not for everyone. But when I stumble across a person who laughs at my jokes or – even better – makes one first, it warms my soul. I put those moments in my pockets and save them to enjoy again later.

Bright sides. I’ll take them.

7 thoughts on “Laughing About It.

  1. I have been following ur blog now for about 6 months and have never wrote until today. Im 25 and I live in Maine, was diagnosed with MS in April 2010. I find that I tend to joke about the whole disease thing myself and like u said its not a joke its a very serious thing but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who can have dark humor about something so debilitating. I feel we r choosen to have such a terrible thing happen to us to make us stronger people mind, body, and soul. Above all we can take the humor that goes with it. Thank u for posting about ur life, it really helps me get thru mine.

  2. Crystal and Johan, thank you both. I’m glad to hear from you, glad to know that all my stuff rings true with you as well.

  3. I am in the process of getting diagnosed and really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you and please keep posting it gives me a lot of hope and makes me smile

  4. Funny is always healing! I dated a guy in college who had lost one eye to cancer. (wore the sexiest patch over one eye) We were in an elevator together one afternoon delivering huge balloon bouquet to a sick person. Some *suit* got on the elevator with us and made a snide remark, “Be careful with those…you’ll put someone’s eye out!” My boyfriend Bo stuck his head around the balloons and looked the guy squarely and says, “Man…I really can’t afford to have that happen!!” Suit’s face went white and he quickly exited the elevator. Bo and I still laugh hysterically about it.

    • Priceless. I bet it’s a story that the man’s still telling, too. Although not as comedic for him!

  5. You have to laugh about it – what’s the alternative? I know I’m an annoyingly glass-half-full type of person, but dwelling on the bad doesn’t make it better. And laughing just feels good!

    I was diagnosed 4 years ago and am lucky to have many more good days than bad. And I know it’s a really bad day when I can’t find anything to laugh about. Keep your head up!

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