The Middlebury College basketball season ended last night, about 700 miles south of the home gym.

John stayed up way, way past bedtime, watching the first half carefully (though breaking away from time to time to reenact key plays). As it seemed more and more clear that the game wasn’t going our way, John asked that we turn off the video stream and instead watch the score. Which we did, right until the end.

It’s disappointing when a team you’ve followed so closely (and enjoyed so much) loses and the season comes to an end. Nobody wants to see the last game played by favorite seniors who will soon graduate and leave Middlebury behind. But as always, John has it in perspective.

I was in his room after we turned off the lights last night. Out of the dark, I heard “Wow. Mom, just think about the Middlebury team next year. All those freshmen. Dylan will be back. Luis will be back. Wow…” And then, sleep.

Thanks again to all the Middlebury players and coaches for your generosity to our family and for a season of amazing basketball. To all of our basketball friends: see you next fall.

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