One more note on basketball.

Last night, John and I left a game at halftime and ended up watching the second half from home. And the overtime. And the second overtime. And the third! And Middlebury lost, right at the end.

It was the kind of game that helps me understand why the use of the word “heartbreaking” in sports isn’t overly melodramatic hyperbole.

John, usually so chatty at the end of the day, said not a word. With a long last look at the screen and an equally long face, he grabbed a stuffed sheep, went to the wrong end of his bed, and went to sleep. Did the sheep help him feel better? Did the wrong end of the bed? Possibly the combination.

Anyway, I hope everyone else who was cheering for Midd had their own versions of stuffed sheep as well. That was a tough night.

3 thoughts on “30T

  1. We watched on our laptop and it was heartbreaking. Wish we had a stuffed sheep to hug. But Midd played with such spirit and such heart!

  2. I’m glad to hear it. That’s part of becoming an irrational sports fan. Soon it will grow to the point that he’ll grow angry at his family and take everything out on them. Ginny still doesn’t seem to piece together that many of my worst moods are related to Syracuse basketball or (more embarrassingly still) fantasy football, losses.

    • Kyle, you know “irrational sports fan” is almost inevitable for John. I do what I can to keep things sane, but there’s a pretty strong influence in the other direction. I guess he’s on his way!

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