Vocab Words

weather today

John’s been getting a set of vocabulary words to learn every week this year. I don’t know where his teacher is getting them, but the words are terrific. I actually look forward to seeing them on Friday afternoons. Then John and I notice them in books and try to use them ourselves.

This being the middle of January (see weather.com’s forecast above), I’m finding that almost every word fits into my ongoing inner monologue about the weather.

Here’s an example, with the vocab words in bold.

This weather is preposterous. Though my backyard looks spangled and lovely in the sun, I find that it’s a tremendous inconvenience to go outside on days like this. I feel dull, and I nibble my way through the day instead. I know I have to be patient, and rely on the knowledge that spring will come. I’m eager for flowers.

We’ll see if May brings me a broader perspective.

One thought on “Vocab Words

  1. so funny – Lia was bringing those home for a while some “vivid vocabulary”. Loved the words — and had to look a few of them up.

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