Silly Rabbit.

darn bunny.

Yesterday’s post was a little bit lofty, so let me bring it back down to earth. Way, way back down.

These rabbits living under my porch are driving me crazy.

The idea of bunnies is nice, and seeing one hop across the backyard on a foggy summer morning is pretty sweet, but these little suckers are pooping up a storm out there! Every time a little snow melts it becomes more and more clear that they’re out of control. I have to assume that we have an entire rabbit civilization under there. The amount of poop on the snow beside our porch is ridiculous.

Theoretically, I could try to trap them and move them, but to do that in the middle of the winter seems mean. Where are they going to go with all the snow? And if I move one or two rabbits then the remaining rabbits may stage some kind of coup and take over the house. There are clearly enough of them. They’re probably already working toward world domination.

I think we’re just going to have to hope for an inch of snow every other day for the remainder of winter to keep everything covered up. And then when the snow does melt, which it will have to eventually, hopefully it will happen suddenly, with a bonus thunderstorm to wash this mess away.

Dang rabbits. Come spring, we’re going to have words.

5 thoughts on “Silly Rabbit.

    • Not cute enough for all this poop. Fortunately, it’s been snowing a little bit so I can’t see it right now.

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