Update, 1/7/13


Some of you have asked for updates here on the MS situation. As requested, here’s what’s new.

Physically, I feel almost 100% fine. There are a few things going on that I believe might be slight symptoms, but which I hadn’t recognized as such in the past. That’s a little nervewracking, but probably not worth dwelling on.

Matt and I have moved through various stages. Stunned, sad, and now business-like. We’re concentrating on correcting some inconsistencies in our insurance (which is hugely important, as you can imagine) and trying to get an appointment with an MS specialist sometime between now and the end of time. We have one at the end of February, another at the end of (wait for it…) MAY. So there’s still some work to be done in this area.

Next, my parents were here this weekend. I was a little worried that we would all sit around being morose for the weekend, but it was not so. We had as good a time together as we always do, we talked about MS in a very matter of fact and non-depressing way, and we learned that we can buy growlers at the Otter Creek brewery. It was wonderful to see them.

My friends have also continued to be amazing. One of my roommates from college sent me some yoga videos, which I need to start on right away. A Vermont friend filled my freezer with delicious gnocchi, suspecting (rightly) that I might not feel like cooking from time to time. Most importantly, I’m still getting a lot of love from people near and far. I just want to roll around in it or wear it all day like a scarf.

Perhaps related to all the ridiculous love and support: I feel great. At first I thought it might just be because I was pumped full of insane steroids, but the drugs have worn off and the good feeling has stayed. I’m happy. I feel strong. I have clarity about the things that matter to me, and I have infinite focus and energy when it comes to protecting and pursuing them. More than I had before. Perhaps this is one of those silver linings you’re always reading about.

I know there will be bad days. But this is the one I’m living right now, and this one is all good.

4 thoughts on “Update, 1/7/13

  1. Katie, I was sorry to hear your news but so GLAD to hear you’re feeling well and had such a nice visit from your family. Beautiful words. Sending lots of love and strength from New Jersey! Kim McCutcheon Jablonski

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