Go Ruby Go

I’m so happy for my friend (and John’s favorite babysitter), Ruby. She’s just gotten a dream job, in a field that’s impossibly competitive, and in a city that can eat you up.

I have to admit, when Ruby told me she was going to move to New York and work in fashion, I was excited for her, but I wondered about a plan B. It’s tough to get a job in fashion. It’s tough to make a life in a big city when you’re 22. I told her that was great, but started thinking about what else might work out. She could always try for PR or think about advertising. (Not that those are so easy either.) She could go to graduate school someday. She could move back up here and take care of John. Seriously, she’s smart as pie, so I know she’s capable of doing anything she wants, but fashion in NYC. Tough one.

Well here’s the news: she did it. She got an incredible job and she starts at the end of the month. I’m thrilled for her – absolutely delighted. Something is right in the universe when things work out like this.

But because everything has to be about me, I have to ask myself this: why am I some kind of doubter? Why am I assuming that it might not work out? Why shouldn’t Ruby get everything she wants? Why shouldn’t any of us?

We all make compromises of course, and as you get further along in life, there’s more at risk. And there are more people to think about. But I’m reminded today that you’re not going to get the perfect job (or opportunity or life or whatever) unless you ask for it. And sometimes, it works.

So go, Ruby, go. And thanks for the reminder to ask for the moon.

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