Words of Wisdom

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s some great advice that I’ve gotten from my Dad over the years.

  • Invest in good paint brushes. The difference shows in the effort required to paint and the finished product.
  • Same goes for tools. You may as well have a really good sander.
  • Save for retirement. You can get loans for college, but not for just being old.
  • Whatever it is, don’t put it off and don’t leave it half finished.
  • Wash your car before a trip.
  • Measure twice.
  • Don’t be afraid to try to do things yourself, but do not mess around with electricity. Especially in an old house.
  • Do the right thing at work, even when other people aren’t, and even when you think nobody’s going to notice. They’ll notice.
  • Make the things you love a part of your life, but also be ready to get a real job. If they’re the same, great. But if not, you still need both.
  • Say “Yes Ma’am” to your mother. And use all the other manners, too.
  • Clean up when you’re finished.
  • If three coats of polyurethane are good, six coats are better.
  • Be on time. Being late is rude.

I didn’t think of this idea in May on Mother’s Day, but of course I have to include some great advice from my Mom as well.

  • You can always rip out a seam and try it again.
  • Don’t worry about what those girls are saying.
  • When you get tired, stop working. You’re not going to be doing your best work then anyway.
  • Try it. You can probably make it work.
  • Keep your personal business personal.
  • When your baby/toddler/child is happy doing something, leave it alone.
  • When throwing a party, err on the side of too much food.
  • Sunscreen and plenty of it.
  • Nothing is more important than family.
  • The water for yeast when you’re making biscuits should be a little warmer than you think.
  • Handmade is better. The time you put in is what makes it special.
  • Be involved at your kid’s school. Good for the school and good for the kid.
  • Kids need to have a tantrum from time to time. That energy has to come out.
  • Everything happens for a reason. (This is my least favorite to hear, but it almost always turns out to be true.)

Also, look how cute my mom is!

Thanks Mom and Dad! See? I pay more attention than you think!

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