Johnny Baseball

This spring marked our first real venture into organized sports for John: Little League. Here are a few things that I learned.

  • At this level, they can’t really bat or throw too well. Putting the entire team in the outfield at one time ensures at least that someone will pick up the ball. Sometimes four or five someones.
  • Even when nobody’s keeping score, kids have very strong sense of who won and who lost.
  • The social stuff — they’ll figure it out on their own.
  • There is a very big difference between five year olds and seven year olds. Apparently in the next two years, John’s going to realize that the word “butt” is hilarious.
  • Speaking of that, practice and games still leave time for a whole lot of silly.
  • If kids can hit a ball with those giant bobble head batting helmets on, anything is possible.
  • I don’t know about how coaches are compensated, but it couldn’t be enough. So calm. So patient.
  • Having an early-evening activity twice a week makes the weeks fly by. No idea how people get it done with more than one kid. I liked it, though.
  • I love playing catch! Regular readers may assume, correctly, that I’m not a great catcher, but it’s just a satisfying way to spend time.
  • They really did improve! That was fun to watch.
  •  I don’t see myself being some crazed sports parent, but it’s hard not to tense up a little when your kid is at bat.
  • At this stage, everyone gets a turn. It’s not really competitive. I’m sure this feels really differently later on.
  • John, who is sitting next to me, reports that he loves being at bat because it makes him feel good and because he loves the sound it makes. And he likes to see how fast he can run.

Up next: soccer. I’m looking forward to it.

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