Yep, It’s Hot.

Dear People Who Live in the North,

Yes, it’s getting hot! This is the time of year when we all start talking about the heat on the street and in stores as if it’s unexpected. But to be fair, it is July. Ninety-five degrees is as normal today as ten below in January.

I’ve been thinking a lot about you (since I also live here) and wondering if there’s one special tip I can share about how to deal with the heat. Many come to mind: loose, lighter colored clothing, keeping the blinds drawn in the afternoon, etc. But one stands out more than any other: Slow. Down.

I see people bustling around downtown and rushing through parking lots, and they’re exactly the ones who are wilted and miserable. Because it’s counterproductive! Please, do not rush from place to place because you think it’ll be cooler when you get there. You’ll just end up a sweaty mess.

Instead, leave yourself time to saunter. Mosey. Stroll. Lollygag, even. Walk on the shady side of the street and take your time. You’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll notice even a slight breeze, not to mention the things that are blooming along the way. It’s genuinely hot out there, I agree, but when you’re constantly running around you’re just making it feel worse.

I recognize that saying this might unintentionally perpetuate a Southern stereotype, but I’m risking it anyway. I’m saying it because it works. There’s a lot of summer left, so you might as well set your pace a little slower and enjoy it, even without air conditioning.


P.S. Notice that I said people who live in the North, not people who are from here. A deliberate choice because Matt (who hails from southwest Virginia, for pete’s sake!)  is probably more averse to being hot than anyone else I know. Alarm bells start going off at about 82º.

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